Why the cycling cap at all?

A cycling cap is an essential part of every cyclist’s wardrobe. This is the opinion heard from every advanced cyclist.

Did you know that in the professional peloton up until 2003, before they made helmets compulsory, “pro riders” rode in caps precisely to protect their heads from the cold or the sun? By the way, it was the fatal accident of the cyclist Andrei Kivilyev (another pro rider, by the way) that only prompted the UCI to introduce such a regulation [obligation], and I would point out that a helmet is the only legitimate head protection that you should never give up! And any cycling cap fits practically under any (well-chosen) helmet.

But is it really essential? Read on and decide for yourself.

of wearing a cycling cap while cycling

∞  Protects from the sun ~ cycling cap provides protection from the sun’s rays when cycling. Also during recreational riding. So you can enjoy your cycling rides without worrying about sunburn. The material used to sew the caps has a UPF 30 filter, which protects against UV radiation.

∞ Protects from the wind ~ the cycling cap protects your head and (this autumn and winter cap also protects your ears) from the wind, which is especially important when riding on cold days. It also works well, of course, on warm days on descents.

 Protects against insects ~ perhaps more than once a fly or other insect has got into your helmet during a training or recreational ride? We hope that if it has fallen in, it hasn’t “screwed” into your hair and bitten you in the process. A cycling cap insulates against uninvited guests in your helmet and makes it easier to get rid of it from underneath.

∞ Absorbs sweat ~ cycling caps are usually made of lightweight, sweat-absorbing materials that also wick sweat away and dry quickly [at least ours do!]

During very intense training sessions, sweat is absorbed into the cap instead of flowing into your eyes and there is no risk of it getting into your eyes.
On very hot days, the cycling cap will work even for less intense or recreational cycling and you will be comfortable.

Increases visibility ~ some cycling caps have bright colours or reflective elements on the visor, increasing your visibility and safety on the road.

 Stylish accent ~ and last but not least ~ a cycling cap is not only a functional piece of clothing, but also a stylish accent to complement your cycling styling. Virtually any of our cycling caps can be matched with a cycling jersey design. You can mix patterns with the jerseys you have and play around with them. And if you appreciate a more classic “look” you can choose from single-colour designs that match most jersey and helmet patterns.

Not just for cycling ~ we may surprise you, but you can also use a cycling cap for other activities. For example, our customers use them for running (even marathons), hiking, kayaking, outdoor gyms, Nortic Walking and even at the beach.

If I have convinced you even a little bit about the cycling cap, we would like to add that we worked on the construction of our caps for a very long time, we tested in various conditions, under various cycling helmets and we were the pioneers in the production of this type of (light and very versatile) caps in Poland. Since our caps became popular (and even a model for other brands) our dear customers keep coming back to us and we are really proud of this product!

These are just some of our cycling caps

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Why the cycling cap at all?

A cycling cap is an essential part of every cyclist’s wardrobe. This is the opinion heard from every advanced cyclist. Did you know that in

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