Cycling lolongsleeave and jacket 2in1: the creative answer to transitional dilemmas

The lack of availability of materials from our Italian manufacturers meant that we were not able to realise all of our plans for this part of the season. Despite this adversity, we have decided to compensate you in a creative way – after all, the blushing warm colours of autumn deserve to be able to be dressed in reflective cycling clothing!

Cycling lolongsleeave and jacket 2in1: the creative answer to transitional dilemmas

In doing so, we have developed a solution that can address the complex challenges and needs typical of the transitional seasons and, for some, perhaps even those of winter. And because we like to experiment, we have made a cycling BLUZO-JACKET (all rights to the name reserved)! 😉

Why such nomenclature?

Instead of the insulated material typical of standard lolongsleeave, we have used a non-insulated but windproof, waterproof, maximum thermoactive and extremely flexible Zerowind® membrane in the new cycling jacket. It really is top of the range! On cold days, it will protect you from wind and even light rain – an ordinary sweatshirt can’t do that!

On the back, we replaced the membrane with a thermoactive, insulating, stretch Italian knit that wicks sweat well and keeps the body comfortable in cold temperatures.

see short clip


* thermal comfort – remember everyone has their own!

We deliberately do not indicate the temperature range with which we have designed the cycling sweatshirt/jacket, as each of us is inherently different and we may have a different thermal tolerance. As a starting point, the following instead:


Wear one thermal layer and our product. We tested this option with a range of 6-10°.
First “condition“: feeling around 5, no sun, light wind and humid.
Second “condition“: around 10, mostly sun, no wind.
To be warm you have to push on the pedals.

A late autumn option, and for some a winter option

…especially for those who push hard and like to do so in cold weather.

For maximum thermal comfort, wear two layers underneath: a warm thermal jersey + an insulated cycling blouse, for example. The hoodie can then successfully replace a typical cycling jacket and, for cold-loving riders, works well at around 0°. Plus, of course, appropriate headwear (discover our warm cycling caps under your helmet), a chimney, decent winter trousers, warm socks, thermal boot covers .

Spring option

…because, after all, we are waiting for spring

Oour product  worn over a cycling jersey or a short-sleeved thermal jersey. Birds, flowers, stops … it will be perfect for romantic cycling. Although in spring winds the membrane will be useful even for long distances and a higher pace!


The jacket has already survived 3 seasons with our customers and we hear from them too, it works well in sub-zero temperatures as well as in spring conditions.

...we hope

…that the product we’ve created will be as versatile and functional for you as it is for us, and that by buying it you’ll be able to use it for several cycling seasons. 🙂

We wish you a forgiving cycling autumn and winter and a fast-arriving spring!

Love & Bikes

Aga and Nikolai

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