Hi! Hola! We are Aga and Mikołaj. We moved to Tenerife, where a we run the TROFEO.® brand. 

Our goal for the coming years is, in addition to running the brand, to explore and show the bicycle tenerife, which is a paradise for every cyclist.

We created our brand TROFEO.® to prove that cycling is diverse and colorful, and a combination of movement, endorphins and colors is a mixture that will take you to the cosmic positive mood and will make you stand out from the crowd.

What makes us different is the unique and colorful design as well as refined construction of clothing that we have created from scratch.

Everything we do is backed by many years of experience in the cycling clothing industry.

We have been operating on the cycling clothing market for years, engaging in sports events and actively learning about the cycling clothing market.

In our work, we share various experiences from the world of cycling, from the organization of cycling teams and events, through distribution, sale, design and production of clothing, to riding. It is cycling that gives us the spark to create and design clothes that allow you to enjoy riding to the full.

Our brand is guided by 3 basic principles:

  • Conscious consumption – we encourage you to get to know us (we are transparent), we want you to make prudent and informed purchase decisions and choose things that are in line with your real needs.
  • Doing business respecting the planet’s resources in Less Waste spirit. We do not create stocks, we do not produce clothes to keep them in stock. We use only ecological packaging.
  • Supporting Polish handicraftsmen and small businesses. We sew locally and take care of appropriate remuneration for every person, at every stage of the production process. We are happy to cooperate with Polish brands with which we can develop products.

Although the name TROFEO.®  it’s one word, it has as many meanings as the word “cycling”. You can ride a mountain bike on the road, but also on a road bike in the mountains. For some, the goal is a medal in the race, others try to catch that elusive feeling waiting at the top of a mountain pass, or somewhere on a dirt road in the heat of the midday sun or a cold spring morning. There is always a well-deserved trophy waiting for us, not necessarily in the form of a golden cup.

Cycling knows no boundaries, but it varies by country, terrain and climate.

In our work, we are inspired by the reality that surrounds us. Nature, colors around, emotions and experiences. Living here and now, we do not close ourselves to the world. Using the services of local sewing factories gives us the confidence of high-quality workmanship, and Italian fabrics and seat pads are the quarantee of the best quality materials.

If you need our support in the subject of clothing or ask about Tenerife feel free to write to us and call us.

We are at your disposal.

Get what you really care about.