"... No color is once and for all. Color is movement, like everything." W. Myśliwski

About us and our values​

We will not tell you how to live, how and what to ride. We cant tell you what to wear on a bike.

We will not tell you that there is only black and white, because we know colors and we know that there are many more! 

TROFEO.® is Aga and Mikołaj with some great subcontractors (seamstresses, technologists, constructors) thanks to whom our bicycle products are created.

We run the brand in the spirit of SLOW FASHION, taking care of quality and being sure that the cycling clothing we produce will last more than one season.

We care about the planet. Every day. We also encourage you to make conscious purchases in accordance with your own needs.

We do not overproduce, we sew mainly to order or a small number of clothes in a local sewing room. From 2023, you can pre-order our new collection, and in the WHERE TO BUY TROFEO.® tab you will find information where you can get our clothing.

We have created the Outlet Less Waste, section, which is a bit different from traditional outlets. Since we do not get rid of a huge number of products (because we do not have them), you will find interesting, often single items that leave our warehouse forever or have slight, superficial imperfections at various stages of production, but are 100% functional.

We use only certified materials (if we can, we choose recycled ones), produced by european leaders in this field.

We are not anonymous. Honest and cordial relations with both subcontractors and clients are important to us. We value honesty, which is a key element of every relationship and decision we make.

We want you to know what you are buying. Feel free to ask!

We love to design. We combine colors, we experiment. It is the designs that distinguish us on the cycling clothing market. We are pioneers in this field in Poland. Patterns are designed by Aga (@ArtJungle), inspired by tropical nature, nature, travels, the world. If you want, she can also design a pattern for you. Visit our section Custom.

We value freedom and diversity. We want to give you a choice, which is why we are constantly looking for new solutions and developing products.

We want our cycling jerseys to be of the highest quality (we sew from top Italian materials), functional in their simplicity and so that you would have the pleasure of using them.

Cycling caps this is our specialty. They are colourful, light, durable and functional. Made of the best Spanish material, they are suitable not only for cycling, but also for other activities.

Cycling bibs is the product we have been working on the longest to meet the expectations of the most demanding cyclists. It is the only one that comes only in black, because we think it’s a great base for all our colorful cycling jerseys.

We have also successfully designed cycling jacket, or rather jacket/long sleeve thermo jersey, so that you can also ride a bike in spring, late autumn and even in winter. We also offer bicycle accessories to complete your cycling style.

If you want to feel even more relaxed, check out our original cycling shirts from the  C H I L L  O U T . collection, which will work not only on gravel or MTB, but also during more recreational cycling.

In 2022, we moved to Tenerife (but TROFEO.® still works in and from Poland) where we can enjoy the charms of a beautiful nature all year round, be inspired by it and practice cycling in various forms. We also want to invite you to this unique place so that you can also get to know the charms of the island. Start with our Cooperate with us tab and see what we can do for you while living on the island, visit our FB group TENERIFE. cycling jungle and Instagram, and soon we will invite you to other events in Tenerife.

We hope that you will stay with us for longer and together we will be able to share our passions, not only cycling. More in the about us tab.

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Completion date

When will I receive my order?

Important information for you: some sizes may be available immediately (especially those from the latest collection). Click and check your size.

• As we produce short collections, most of our products (except accessories) are made on request.

The order time for products that are not in stock, it will take 14 to 21 business days (depending on the load at our sewhouse).

• We always try to shorten the implementation time to a minimum.

• If you still have doubts about how long it will take – contact us –