TROFEO.® x National Museum in Krakow

One day in October (A.D. 2022) the phone rings.
From the museum? Yes, from a museum. And from the National Museum in Krakow. The lovely lady asks me if I would like to donate a TROFEO garment I designed myself. For an insert? A little confused and surprised, I ask for details, because maybe it is a prank. In the end it turns out that it wan’t joke…

So it is with pride with a capital “D” that I have the honour of inviting you to the exhibition (which premiered in January this year) at the National Museum in Krakow for the exhibition

Fashion and Sport. Objects. Gallery of Polish Design of the XX and XXI century.

Among the stars you will find: a suit by Andrzej Bargiel, a Polish ski-alpinist, designed in cooperation with designer Tomasz Ossoliński, mrek designs by 4F, Prosto Wear, CARGO by OWEE, Alpinus jackets, and among amazing other sportswear, you will find our cycling outfit – the Zimorodek design (cycling cap and jersey).

We are delighted that the Museum has chosen us among the many brands of cycling clothing.

For me, as a designer and someone who runs a small brand, this is an exceptional accolade and recognition of my creative work.

You can see the exhibition until January 2024 in Krakow.

For more information, click here.


Aga TROFEO.® @Art Jungle

Aga TROFEO.® @Art Jungle

project manager, graphic designer, nature and plant lover, girlboss

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