The most of designs I create as @Art.Jungle because I define my work as “a jungle of art, ideas, creation”.

I love plants, nature in various covers, I am fascinated by tropical climates, everything tropical for me, but I am also inspired by architecture, colors, surroundings and movement.

The techniques I use and which I often combine are: collage, drawing, vector graphics.

I am passionate about bicycles, but mainly those in the romantic – gravel version, photography (I often use my photos when creating projects), being close to nature (I love all animals and plants), self-development, dance and movement.

I invite you to my world and learn about the patterns I create for TROFEO.®

Aga Jakimowicz @ArtJungle

Aga Jakimowicz @ArtJungle

fashion designer, graphic designer, plantlover, girlboss


The Kingfisher, as an animal of power, teaches us to feel, so that we can perceive the most appropriate moment to attack, to act. That we would be ready for any surprises that life may bring us and be able to respond to them appropriately. It combines two elements, two elements: water and air, while remaining inside. So he shows us how to combine the power of feelings with the power of mind. ” (Cited. It captivated us with the beauty of its colors, and thanks to all of the above features, it has become a perfect pattern.


The jungle calls us all the time. It always inspires and stimulates our creativity. This time we have put together a tropical jigsaw. Would you like to join us?


Gravel is discovering the undiscovered, getting to know unknown places, freedom and openness to new ones. The Gravel Planet pattern (contrary to the name, not only for gravel riding enthusiasts), presents just such an unknown, a bit magical bicycle land in which we find ourselves when we ride bikes!


The Spanish Leaf is a variation on our one-color Spanish Soil collection, which you can find in the minimalism collection. I’m in Spain with my thoughts of collusion, we dreamed of tropical climates, so we added a little green and we have another design in the Tropical Climate collection.


Inspired by the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and Madeira Island – where we’ve met one of our favorite flower species – Strelitzia reginae. Commonly known as the crane flower or bird of paradise (as it’s perianth resembles closely bird’s head) – what explains it’s original name. Close enough, right?


Refers to the unrecognized depth of the forest, which refreshes in summer, gives shelter from cold in winter, and allows you to find inner peace and balance during gravel and MTB trips all year round.


Inspired by the tropical plant – Monstera Deliciosa (it’s a vine, not a palm!), which opens up a whole new chapter of tropical motives and designs that we find inspiring and that remind us of all the exotic places we’ve visited/ would love to visit.


– The first design in our Celeste Vibes collection – designed specially for all the celeste colour fans. Then we’ve come up with our idea of how cosmic flowers could look like and this is how this light, yet sensual design was born – to make each ride so special!


As simple as the summer blue skies, the sun and pastel colours.


Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, but not only: it also reflects our perception of the world, the respect for diversity – also in cycling.


To jeden z pierwszych wzorów TROFEO. Wzór inspirowany kolorowymi, radosnymi emocjami jakie towarzyszą nam przy celebrowaniu ważnych dla nas chwil.


Like Bike Mood, just because we love bikes.

INNER ENERGY Collection x Zuza Podlewska @BakcylStudio

The author of this unique collection is our bezt friend Zuzanna Podlewska (co-owner Bakcyl Studio), who has been associated with the world of art since childhood and for whom rower is an everyday companion.


• summer • noon • full moon • power• and a lot more.


• beginning • spring • morning • sunrise • east •revival • and a lot more.


• autumn • afternoon • sunset • west • calm • or maybe the moment in which our planet is at? • you will surely find something in it for yourself.


• the end • winter • night • midnight • north • depth • closing • you will surely find something in it for yourself.

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