The most of designs I create as @Art.Jungle because I define my work as “a jungle of art, ideas, creation”.

I love plants, nature in various covers, I am fascinated by tropical climates, everything tropical for me, but I am also inspired by architecture, colors, surroundings and movement.

The techniques I use and which I often combine are: collage, drawing, vector graphics.

I am passionate about bicycles, but mainly those in the romantic – gravel version, photography (I often use my photos when creating projects), being close to nature (I love all animals and plants), self-development, dance and movement.

I invite you to my world and learn about the patterns I create for TROFEO.®

Aga Jakimowicz @ArtJungle

Aga Jakimowicz @ArtJungle

fashion designer, graphic designer, plantlover, girlboss


A design inspired by the phenomenal specimens of Philodendron Melanochrysum that I encountered in the oldest botanical garden in Tenerife. This stately plant, combined with golden elements, envelops you with its velvety leaves, creating unity with you and giving you a sense of contact with exotic nature. Pattern made using the collage method. Processing of the author's photo with elements of drawing (digital).


It is a timeless, fluid vision of worlds beyond the world, harmony of all being, unlimited possibilities, beyond the boundaries of everything. Peace, goodness, understanding. We put 4 colours in your hands: Tender Pink, Silver Moon, Sensual Red, Calm Blue, for you to choose the one you like The design is made using the collage method with elements of drawing (digital).


Bloom Gold and Bloom Black - a 'gold-framed' collection that symbolises a renewed flowering of creativity and a return to the brand's roots. Gold is a colour that is associated with warmth, bravery and strength.Wearing this design, you are sure to feel more inner power. Interesting fact: Gold is a colour that has always been close to us. Originally, the colour of the brand was to be gold. As you can see, it is slowly starting to appear. Elements of the pattern were created using the drawing method (digital).


Inspired by an extraordinary bird that also lives in Poland, near clear bodies of water. As an animal of power, the kingfisher teaches us to "sense, so that we can spot the most appropriate moment to attack, to act. So that we are ready for any surprises that life may bring us and can react accordingly. It connects two elements, two elements: water and air, staying in the middle. So she shows us how to combine the power of feelings with the power of the mind." (Quoted by It captivated me with the beauty of its colours, and with all the above qualities, it became the perfect subject for a pattern.


The jungle calls out all the time. It always inspires and stimulates my creativity. This time, I made it into a tropical jigsaw puzzle, meticulously selecting the most interesting floral specimens and gave them unobvious colours - purples blues, greens.


Gravel, is about discovering the undiscovered, exploring unknown places, freedom and openness to the new. The Gravel Planet pattern (in spite of its name, not only for gravel lovers), represents just such an unknown, a little bit magical cycling land, where we find ourselves when we ride our bikes! I also created the pattern as a tribute to being open to diversity and accepting that we have different tastes, styles, ride different bikes and prefer different cycling activities.


Spanish Leaf is a variation on our single-colour Spanish Soil collection. With my thoughts back to Spain, I was dreaming of tropical climes, so I added a little 'green' and created another pattern with minimalist floral elements.


The design is inspired by the depths of the ocean surrounding the island of Madeira, where I encountered one of my favourite flowers, the Royal Strelitzia. Its perianth resembles a bird of paradise, hence the perverse name FlowerBird. Can you see it?


Probably the most subdued of TROFEO's designs for the 2021 season, In The Forest refers to the unknowable depths of the forest, which refreshes you in summer, shelters you from the cold in winter, and allows you to find inner peace and balance on gravel and MTB outings all year round. In your imagination, you can see what life hides in the forest depths and open yourself up to forest adventures.


This is one of the first TROFEO patterns. A pattern inspired by the colourful, joyful emotions that come with celebrating moments that are important to us. | Aga @ArtJungle


The pattern was created for fans of the colour celeste - yes, that famous Binachi colour. I combined it with our image of cosmic flowers and that's how it came about, a light and sensual pattern that will make any ride more pleasant.


The design is inspired by the colour of the summer sky, the sun and pastels.


One of the first TROFEO designs. It is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and reflects my view of the world. It is also an expression of tolerance for diversity, including in cycling.


This is one of the first TROFEO patterns. The pattern is inspired by the colourful, joyful emotions that come with celebrating moments that are important to us.


The pattern was created for those who can never have enough bikes 😉 Our Bike Mood, because we simply love bikes.

Inner ENERGY collection x Zuza Podlewska @BakcylStudio

The author of this unique collection is our bezt friend Zuzanna Podlewska (co-owner Bakcyl Studio), who has been associated with the world of art since childhood and for whom rower is an everyday companion.

The collection is inspired by real emotions. Simple, yet mysterious. Bright and dark. Neither bad nor good. Each. The entire collection, consisting of 4 designs, is also a closed cycle of the day, of nature, of the year, of the world…


• summer • noon • fullness • power • and much more....


• beginning • spring • morning • sun (rice) • rebirth • and much more....


• (pre)end • autumn • afternoon • (sun)set • peace • or maybe the moment our Planet is in? - you are sure to find something of your own in this.


• end • night • winter • north • depth • closure • you're bound to find something of your own in it.

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