True Black Women’s Thermo Bib Tights

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TROFEO. True Black Women’s Thermo Bib Tights will satisfy the most demanding cyclists.

They are designed for the longest distances, but they will also work well on shorter bicycle routes.

Cycling pants made of technologically advanced Thermoroubaix® 3.0 fabric. – Italian material M.I.T.I.  (a leading European specialist in stretch fabrics).

The material composition ensures sublime warmth, breathability and durability. The inside is soft and extremely pleasant to the touch. The deeply dyed material does not show through, guaranteeing an impeccable appearance. The multi-panel construction, thanks to which the saucer perfectly fits the figure in combination with the material, makes the only thing you will feel when putting on our cycling pants is exceptional comfort.

When designing men’s tights, we put emphasis on the key issue of the exact place of inserting the insert so that it has the right points of contact with your body.

 TROFEO. True Black Women’s Thermo Tights are equipped with a footbridge ROAD PERFORMANCE FORCE WOMEN of the top Italian brand Elastic Interface® , designed to cover the longest distances. The design of the insole was developed with the male anatomy in mind. More foam in the center of the footbed to increase comfort and reduce numbness. The multi-contour design provides a better fit and stability on the saddle. The innovative air distribution concept improves breathability by dissipating heat and moisture.

The back of the tights has a reflective elements for safety during autumn and winter days.

Main features:

• SeatPad: the highest quality, adapted to the male anatomy,  ROAD PERFORMANCE FORCE WOMEN of the top Italian brand Elastic Interface® for the longest distances.
Fabric: high-quality Italian, deeply dyed, semi-matt black Thermoroubaix® 3.0. M.I.T.I.  (leading European specialist in stretch fabrics)
• Size baseline: – the model is 65 cm tall, weighs 58  kg and is wearing a size S.
• Finish: reflectors on the back of the leg.
• 100% Hend Made  in Poland.
• Composition: 85% polyamide, 15%elastane. The materials are Oeko-tex certified and Bluesign® certified.



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Zanim wybierzesz swój rozmiar, zwróć uwagę na to, że: 

 Nie podajemy na jaki wzrost są spodenki, ponieważ zależy jakiej jesteś postury i jak rozkłada się materiał na twojej sylwetce.
• Krój spodenek jest stworzony pod standardową rozmiarówkę, więc wybieraj swój standardowy rozmiar spodenek kolarskich. 
• Lycra jest gęsta i jest elastyczna, dobrze dopasowana, więc dobrze dopasuje się do twojego rozmiaru. Materiał jest bez kompresji – komfort jazdy jest najważniejszy.
• Punkt odniesienia – nasza S skrojona jest na 165 cm wzrostu oraz  55 kg wagi. 
• Wybierając rozmiar sugerujemy zmierzyć swoje ulubione spodenki kolarskie w zaznaczonych miejscach i porwać z tabelą rozmiarów. Spodenki mierzymy na płasko w cm, obwód liczymy x 2. 

Pamiętaj, że przy wyborze rozmiaru należy wziąć też pod uwagę Twoją budowę ciała i preferencje, dlatego:

• Jeśli dopiero zaczynasz przygodę ze spodenkami kolarskimi przeczytaj nasz poradnik (wkrótce dostępny).
• Jeśli jesteś na granicy rozmiarów i sugerujemy wybrać rozmiar większy.
• Jeśli nadal masz wątpliwości zadzwoń do nas, z  chęcią doradzimy.

Terminy realizacji


• Jeśli produkt nie jest dostępy od ręki, termin realizacji podany jest w ramce informacyjnej na górze. 

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Jak prać?

• Spodenki kolarskie możesz prać w pralce.
• Najlepiej przewróć je na drugą stronę i wypierz w płynie temperaturze 30°C.
• Nie pierz z rzeczami, które mogą zaciągnąć materiał (np. z rękawiczkami z rzepami).  
• Nie wybielaj.
• Nie czyść chemicznie.
• Nie prasuj.
• Nie susz w suszarce.

How do I find my perfect fit?

In order to choose your size we suggest checking the following:
• The bib short sizing depends not only on your height, but also on your posture (muscular or skinny).
• Our TRUE BLACK bibs’ cut has been inspired by standard sizing, so we suggest choosing your regular cycling bib shorts size.
• High-stretch and semimatte lycra means adjusted fit. No-compression fabrics means higher riding comfort.
• Find a point of reference – our S size jersey fits perfectly for 165 cm and 55 kg weight.
• It’s a good idea to measure and compare your favourite bib shorts according to the sizing table. Bibs should be measured on flat in cm, to obtain a perimeter take the measure and multiply it by 2.
Remember – when choosing the right size, it’s important to consider your body posture and personal preferences, so if:

• You are just getting started with cycling bibs – we recommend reading our cycling bibs sizing guide (available soon)
• You are in-between two sizes – we suggest taking the bigger.
• You still don’t know which size to choose – give us a call or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to advise

Completion date

When will I receive my order?

Important information for you: some sizes may be available immediately (especially those from the latest collection). Click and check your size.

• As we produce short collections, most of our products (except accessories) are made on request.

The order time for products that are not in stock, it will take 14 to 21 business days (depending on the load at our sewhouse).

• We always try to shorten the implementation time to a minimum.

• If you still have doubts about how long it will take – contact us –

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Howto care?

How do I take care of my bib shorts?

• You can safely launder your cycling jersey
• Wash inside out, at 30-40 °C, choose a delicate cycle.
• Don’t wash together with other apparel that can cause a potential damage (like gloves with velcro straps)
• Don’t bleach
• Don’t dry clean
• Don’t iron
• Don’t tumble dry