Jungle Jigsaw Women’s high-waisted leggings


Because both our customers and we are involved in not only cycling, we decided to meet your needs and produced lthe first (and not the last) piece of clothing that you can wear for other sports l activities.
We will gradually develop the color section of leggings and other products.

Women’s high-waisted leggings made of the highest-quality fabric that hugs the body for a feeling of second skin. Light and thermoactive fiber allows the fabric to breathe very well and wicks sweat away. The cut has a limited number of seams and does not restrict movement.


  • They ensure maximum comfort of use: yoga, fitness, strength training or a walk, and even dance – they have been tested not only by us, but also by experienced yoga and fitness instructors, in many conditions.
  • The high waist means that the leggings do not slide off the bottom, and the wide belt comfortably wraps the stomach.
  • Non-translucent weaveone of the most important elements of good leggings! The unique dense weave does not show through when the material is strongly stretched.
  • Original, intense, it will create Jungle Jigsaw print by Aga Jakimowicz, give you strength and make you feel special while practicing activity.
  • With the Jungle Jigsaw sports top, they make a perfect duo!

Design – the jungle calls us all the time. It always inspires and stimulates our creativity. This time we made a tropical puzzle out of it, carefully selecting the most interesting specimens and giving them a non-obvious color. Will you join us?
It belongs to our Tropical Climate collection, where you will find other patterns inspired by the lush vegetation of the tropics.


• Materiał: najwyższej jakości dzianina, lekka, termoaktywna, nieprześwitujący splot.
Krój: wysoki, modelujący sylwetkę stan, elastyczne szwy.
• Zastosowanie: joga, fitness, treningi siłowe, aktywności outorowe, taniec.
Projektowanie i szyte ręcznie w Polsce.
Oryginalne wzory.
• Rozmiar: XS-XL.
• Skład: Spandex 18% , Poliester 82%; Materiały posiadają certyfikat Oeko-tex i certyfikat Bluesign®.
• Kolory: widoczne na projekcie kolory staramy się odwzorować 1:1. Ponieważ każdy ekran ma różne odwzorowanie kolorów, mogą się one nieco różnić od widocznych na Twoim ekranie.

Product reviews

Zanim wybierzesz swój rozmiar, zwróć uwagę na to, że: 

Materiał legginsów jest bardzo elastyczny i świetni się dopasowuje.  

Punkt odniesienia – S/M  pasuje na osobę  162 cm wzrostu oraz 55 kg wagi, ale też na osobę o wzroście 178 i 66 kg wagi. To wyjątkowo dobrze dopasowujący się krój :) 

Tabela rozmiarów legginsy;

Jak prać?

• Swoje legginsy możesz prać w pralce.
• Najlepiej przewróć je na drugą stronę i wypierz w płynie temperaturze 30°C.
• Nie pierz z rzeczami, które mogą zaciągnąć materiał (np. z rękawiczkami z rzepami).  
• Nie wybielaj.
• Nie czyść chemicznie.
• Nie prasuj.
• Nie susz w suszarce.

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Before choosing your size, please note the following:

• The material of the leggings is very flexible and fits perfectly.

Benchmark – S / M fits a person 162 cm tall and 55 kg weight, but also a person 178 and 66 kg tall. It is an exceptionally well-fitting cut :)

Howto care?

You can wash your leggings in the washing machine.
• It’s best to turn them over and wash them in liquid at 30 ° C.
• Do not wash with anything that may catch the fabric (eg gloves with Velcro).
• Don’t bleach.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not iron.
• Do not tumble dry.

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Completion date

When will I receive my order?

Important information for you: some sizes may be available immediately (especially those from the latest collection). Click and check your size.

• As we produce short collections, most of our products (except accessories) are made on request.

The order time for products that are not in stock, it will take 14 to 21 business days (depending on the load at our sewhouse).

• We always try to shorten the implementation time to a minimum.

• If you still have doubts about how long it will take – contact us –