SpaceTime Sensual Red Cycling Cap

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Spring/summer/ indoor cycling cycling cap.

Thanks to its ultra-light DRY-CLIM® fabrics microstructure, your head will be protected from the sun and at the same time – cooled-down properly. Quick-drying fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties and will help you keep your eyes and face clean & dry even during most intensive physical efforts. 

3-panel construction and flexible fabrics makes the cap very versatile in terms of sizing – a true ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – from small women’s scalps to ~60 cm mr. bigheads.

Designing is an art for us. We want TROFEO.® designs to be unique and make you feel special.

Original, unique design created by Aga (@ArtJungleSpaceTime – it is a timeless, fluid vision of worlds above the world, the harmony of all beings, unlimited possibilities, beyond the limits of everything. Calmness. Goodness. Understanding.

We give you 4 colors: Tendera Pink, Silver Moon, Sensual Red, Calm Blue so that you can choose the ones that you like the most and in which you will feel best.

The pattern is made using the collage method with drawing elements (digital).

The pattern belongs to the Open Your Mind collection, which is a reflection of openness to different styles, will stimulate your imagination and allow you to interpret them in your own way. This approach also reflects our vision of cycling and the world around us.

You can choose the cycling jerseys in the same pattern.

Colors and arrangement of the pattern: we try to reproduce the colors visible on the project 1:1. Since every screen has different color reproduction, colors may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.

“… No color is once and for all. Color is movement, like everything.” W. Myśliwski

TROFEO.® Artistic Cycling Waear


Special DRY-CLIM ® fabrics – fast-drying & excellent moisture-wicking properties.
One size fits all – original, unique 3-panel construction and flexible fabrics it fits each head.
Great gift idea!
100 % Polish handmade production.
Unique & original design.
Composition: 100% PET & Oeko-tex certified.
Colors: we pay attention to the colors of our jerseys. Also we strive for 1:1 accuracy for all the colours visible in the project. However, each screen has different colour accuracy, there might be some slight discrepancies between the real colour and the one seen on the screen.

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Jak prać?

• Czapeczki są z delikatnego materiału, więc zalecamy je prać ręcznie w temperaturze 30°C.
• Pranie w pralce może spowodować uszkodzenie daszka lub zaciągnięcie się materiału.
• Nie wybielaj.
• Nie czyść chemicznie.
• Nie prasuj.
• Nie susz w suszarce.

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Howto care?

How do I take care of cycling cap?

• We strongly recommend to wash the caps in hands only in a lukewarm temperature (around 30 °C) or wash inside out, at 30°C, choose a delicate cycle.
• Machine washing may cause damage to the visor or to the fabrics
• Don’t bleach
• Don’t dry clean
• Don’t iron
• Don’t tumble dry

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