Kingfisher Women’s Light Tank Top

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Why did we make it the Women’s Light Tank Top?
Because you’re asking for sleeveless jeseys with cool designs.
Because they are useful on hot days, also on a bicycle. You can ride it on a gravel, MTB, trekking bike, city bike, and basically whatever you want! This is called TROFEO.trends.
Because you can use them for other activities, and in the cooler season also for the gym.

It is made of a very light, technologically advanced material with a weight of 75g / m2 and has a UPF 30 filter that protects against UV radiation, it will work great on warm and even hot days.
The structure of the micro mesh material is responsible for quick moisture wicking and quick drying.

In the production of the tank top, we used a modern method of welding (not sewing) the upper seams, thanks to which the tank top is even lighter and more pleasant for the skin, does not restrict movement and allows you to enjoy 100% of your activities.

The tank top has no pockets, but if you want to go on a bike in it and you need space to hide a phone, a bar, keys or tissues, we recommend our xPpocket bibs shorts, which will successfully replace their lack.
If you are going on a longer trip or need more space, we recommend saddle bags, handlebars or backpacks.

Original, unique design created by Aga (@ArtJungle. Inspired by an unusual bird also living in Poland, near clean waters.
The Kingfisher, as an animal of power, teaches us to feel, so that we can perceive the most appropriate moment to attack, to act. That we would be ready for any surprises that life may bring us and be able to respond to them appropriately. It combines two elements, two elements: water and air, while remaining inside. So he shows us how to combine the power of feelings with the power of mind. ” (Cited. It captivated us with the beauty of its colors, and thanks to all of the above features, it has become a perfect pattern.

Loose cut, perfect for many activities.
• Extremely light and airy.
UPF 30 filter against UV radiation.
• Top quality material, lightweight and breathable Italian M.I.T.I. , with a weight of 75g/m2.
Composition: 86% polyester; elastane 14%. The materials are Oeko-tex certified and Bluesign® certified.
• We sew in a local sewing room (100% hand made and sewn in Poland).
We pack ecologically.
• Printing:
non-washable, made by sublimation.

Colors: we try to reproduce the colors visible in the project 1: 1. Since each screen has a different color representation, the colors may be slightly different from what you see on your screen.
The pattern on each size may be arranged a little differently.

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Pamiętaj, że materiały naszej koszulki kolarskiej są bardzo elastyczne, dlatego przy doborze swojego rozmiaru należy brać pod uwagę rozciągliwość materiału.




• Wybierając rozmiar sugerujemy zmierzyć swoja ulubioną koszulkę w zaznaczonych miejscach i porównać z tabelą rozmiarów. Koszulki mierzymy na płasko w cm, obwód liczymy x 2.

Uwzględnij margines błędu +/- 2 cm w koszulce kolarskiej i pozostałych koszulach 0,5 cm

Punkt odniesienia – nasza modelka na zdjęciach ma 165 cm wzrostu ma nosi rozmiar S. 

Pamiętaj, że przy wyborze rozmiaru należy wziąć też pod uwagę Twoją budowę ciała i preferencje, dlatego:

Jeśli chcesz czuć się swobodniej sugerujemy wybrać rozmiar większy (dotyczy koszulek aero).

• Jeśli nadal masz wątpliwości napisz do nas, z  chęcią doradzimy.

Terminy realizacji


• Jeśli produkt nie jest dostępy od ręki, termin realizacji podany jest w ramce informacyjnej na górze. 

• Zawsze staramy się skrócić czas realizacji do minimum.

• Jeśli nadal masz wątpliwości, ile to zajmie – skontaktuj się z nami

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Śmiało, pytaj nas o wszystko co Cię intryguje lub jest niejasne. Z radością odpowiemy na Twoje pytania!

Jak prać?

• Możesz prać w pralce.

• Najlepiej przewróć je na drugą stronę i wypierz w płynie w temperaturze 30°C.

Nie pierz z rzeczami, które mogą zaciągnąć materiał (np. z rękawiczkami z rzepami).

Nie wybielaj.

Nie czyść chemicznie.

Nie susz w suszarce.

Nie prasuj.



• Remember that the materials of our aero cycling jersey are very flexible, so when choosing your size you should take into account the stretch of the material.




How do I find my perfect fit?

• Fabrics used in our jerseys are quite flexible – please take it into account when choosing your size.
• We suggest measuring your favorite cycling jersey according to the instructions in the picture and compare with the sizing chart. Jerseys should be measured on flat in cm, to obtain the perimeter it should be doubled.
• Allow a margin of +/- 2 cm (aero) or 0,5 cm (other)
• Find a point of reference – our S size jersey fits perfectly for 165 cm and 56 kg weight.

When choosing a size, it’s important to consider your silhouette as well as personal preferences, if:

• you prefer more relaxed fit – we suggest choosing bigger size (aero jerseys)
• Still not sure about the correct size? Feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to advise.

Completion date

When will I receive my order?

Important information for you: some sizes may be available immediately (especially those from the latest collection). Click and check your size.

• As we produce short collections, most of our products (except accessories) are made on request.

The order time for products that are not in stock, it will take 14 to 21 business days (depending on the load at our sewhouse).

• We always try to shorten the implementation time to a minimum.

• If you still have doubts about how long it will take – contact us –

We are here to help you

Do you have doubts, questions?

Go ahead, ask us about anything that intrigues you or is unclear. We are happy to answer your questions!

How to care?

How do I take care?

Machine washable.
• Wash inside out, at 30 °C, choose a delicate, sport cycle.
Don’t wash together with other apparel that can cause a potential damage (like gloves with velcro straps)
• Don’t bleach
• Don’t dry clean
• Don’t iron
• Don’t tumble dry